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About Choose Up

Choose Up (CUp) is a WebApplication that enables its users to vote and settle duels of comparable items in various categories, in a fun and anonymous way. On top of the pleasure to partake in ideological battles that have been shaking the minds of passionate people for days or centuries, CUppers(Cup users) will learn the truth of where their peers stand on the matters they voted for.They can also voice the reasoning behind their choices, in a respectful way that relies on the idea that no choice is the “right” choice, but only a personal appeal which deserves to be defended all heartfully.

CUp was born from the minds of two French men who, to respect the cliché, share a passion for their own opinions and could argue and defend their points of view on the silliest topics, for hours and usually without any agreed victor. While the same passion steers most of people’s lives, the means to express each and everyone’s taste, the place to do so, and the possibility to reach a consensus are cruelly lacking. This is why Choose Up was created.

We believe that people should be given a place to vote for whatever their hearts, brains or guts tell them is the best choice. They have the right to express their arguments and to see those of the opposite side. And finally, we should all be allowed to know what the rest of the world (or at least our own worlds) really thinks. Everything that happens on CUp is, and has to be, following an agreed rule that CUppers are entitled to their own choices which have to be respected by the all community. What we refer as “Duels” are but two sides of a same coin and though they divide people on their opinions, they are by no means separating them but rather gathering them in a world size arena where people respect tastes and argumentations.

We also believe that there is no negative impact being at any side of the opinion spectrum of duels. Whether she or he is a proud member of a minority defending a vote tooth and nail, or a part of a mass that gives weight to a side of the balance, each CUpper has our utmost respect and gratitude for being part of this community and making it more vibrant with each vote.

Now that it is said: Vote, Learn and Own your choices!